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  • Nirma Active Detergent Powder 1kg

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    • Gives Brilliant Stain Removal
    • Works In The Hardest Of Waters.
    • Ensures Whiter Whites And Glowing Colour
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  • Nirma Super Detergent Cake

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    • Deriving inspiration from its success in the Detergent Powder market, Nirma expanded its product portfolio by introducing the “Nirma detergent cake” in 1987.
    • Here again, the excellent price-quality equation tempted the consumers to try the product. Available in 125g and 250g pack sizes, this brand has done exceptionally well. AIMS survey ranked Nirma detergent cake as “The Most widely distributed detergent cake brand”.
    • Due to its unique formulation, this product offers benefits like less melting in water, better stability, and therefore lasts longer. As per the ORG-MARG Rural Consumer Panel [December 1998] survey, Nirma brand is ranked highest in terms of penetration in washing cakes / bars category [BT Rural Market Watch, Business Today,
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