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  • Royal Basmati Rice 10lb

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    • Royal® Basmati Rice is harvested from the foothills of the Himalayas, where the ideal blend of soil, climate and water produces a long, aromatic and flavorful grain.
    • After harvesting, the rice is expertly aged to enhance the texture and aroma. This unique rice is sure to enhance any meal.
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  • Royal Chakki Atta 20lb

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      • Responsibly sourced and made with wheat grown in Madhya Pradesh
      • Royal Chakki Atta whole wheat flour is 100% whole grain, high in fiber and vitamin rich
      • Different dishes will yield different cook times
      • Healthy, delicious and versatile, a great replacement for white pastry flour and a key ingredient in flavorful and authentic rolls and breads
      • Royal Chakki Atta flour nutrition overview: vegan, non-GMO, whole grain
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