6thi Puja Kit

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  • 6thi Pooja Kit – 50gm

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    • Born babies are prone to many difficulties.To protect child from this,traditionally Hindus are following certain rituals.The Baby ritual set contains 9 items and each one is protecting child from all bad things and improves the well being.They are:
    • 1.Palmony-small bead (Neck) Made of small white and red beads to be tied in neck. 2.Pal valayal (White Bangle)(Hand) Black and White bangle to be put in hand (White bangle should appear first.So first put black and finally white bangle). 3.Karu valayal (Black bangle)(Hand) 4.Vasambu (Hand) Put one for each hand. 5.Mukappu-(Ankle) Tie in ankle one in each leg. 6.Arizan kairu-Black Thread (Hip) Tie in hip. 7.Kajal/Kan mai (Black) Protect from evil eyes. 8.Potu achu-Different die for getting sha
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