Aloo Tikki

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  • Apna Taste – Aloo Tikki 15PC

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    • Great for Breakfast at concession stands or fast-casual restaurants,
    • Boasting a long hold time, these make the perfect addition to burger joints, concession stands, or fast-paced food stands. It provides a thin fry that can hold sauces or dips with ease, these are ideal for dipping in sauce or covering in cheese and is perfect for serving as a side or appetizer.
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  • Deep Aloo Tikki 400gm

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    • Aloo tikki is another popular type of north Indian “chaat” snack made out of boiled potatoes, peas, and curry spices. From its name, “aloo” means potato while “tikki” means cutlet, so we can conclude that the name “aloo tikki” means “potato cutlet.”
    • They are served warm with dahi yoghurt, mint sauce and tamarind sauce as its condiments.
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