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  • Indian Fresh Amla

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    • Amla is the best anti-ageing herb (vayastapna).
    • It improves vision and good for overall health of eyes (chakshushya).
    • This herb is useful to pacify all three dosha (sarvangdosha) in various disorders of body.
    • It is very effective in various bleeding disorders (rakatpittaghna).
    • Amla is anti-diabetic and reduces sugar level in urine (premaghna).
    • The herb has aphrodisiac properties (virshya) and help to reduce burning sensation (dahahara).
    • This herb is very effective for heart (hirya) and also useful in fever (jwarghna).
    • It is used to improve voice, sore throat and various disorders related to throat (kanthya).
    • Amlaki powder is also used in the preparation of salt i.e vida lavana.
    • This herb protect us from various viral, fungal and bacterial infection.
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