Sindhav Salt

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  • Sindhav Salt – 200gm

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    Sendha namak (Himalayan Rock Salt) is the pure rock salt of India and is a little costlier than the normal salt because it is found in very less quantities in the Indian sub-continent. In Hindi Rock Salt is referred as Sendha Namak. The commercial salt available is iodized where as the rock salt is pure from nature, is more granular, has less salty taste as you would have already noticed and is not chemically processed. It is rich in lot of minerals and if used in regular cooking as a substitute of common salt, it can control all the health problems posed by common salt like high blood pressure, puffiness in the body or the eyes, is cooling for the body, helpful in digestion, relieves gas and soothes heartburn and helps in weight loss. Not only health but many beauty benefits can also be acquired from rock salt.

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  • Vishva Sindhav Salt 100gm

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    • Sendha namak, a type of salt, is formed when salt water from a sea or lake evaporates and leaves behind colorful crystals of sodium chloride.
    • It’s also called halite, saindhava lavana, or rock salt.
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