Surati Alu Patta

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  • Surati Alu Patta 200gm

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    • Surati Alu Patta is a Spicy Thick Cut Potato Chips.
    • This delicious product is prepared under hygenic conditions with utmost care and using only quality ingredients.
    • Potatoes are basically a perennial tuberose crop that belongs to the Solanaceae tribe. It is actually the name of its potato because of the usefulness of its tubers.We eat this potato as well as other foods around the day. Many of these nutrients are nutritious.There are vitamins ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’ in the potato. There is also a large amount of carbohydrate with vitamins ‘A’, potassium, iron, anti oxide, fiber in potassium. Let’s take a look at the benefits of eating potatoes.Potassium helps to keep blood pressure very strong (blood pressure). Because the potato is a type of chemical called the name of the cookie-minus.
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