Maharana Chana Radhe 250gm

Maharana Chana Radhe 250gm


  • Helps in Weight Loss.
  • Valuable in Cardiovascular.
  • Brings down Cholesterol.
  • Balances out Blood Sugar and Low Glycemic Index.
  • Anticipation of Diabetes.
  • Extraordinary Source of Iron.
  • Great Source of Protein for Vegetarians.
  • Valuable for Women.
  • Treatment of Digestive Disorders.
  • Anticipation of Colon Cancer.
  • Valuable in Kidney or Bladder Stone.
  • Treatment of Leucoderma.
  • Treatment of Ringworm Infection.
  • Facial Skin Care.
  • Recuperating Properties.
  • Advances Hair Growth.
  • Battles Hair Loss.
  • Treatment of Dandruff.
  • Forestalls Graying of Hair.

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Helps in Weight Loss.Valuable in Cardiovascular.Brings down Cholesterol.Balances out Blood Sugar and Low Glycemic Index.Anticipation of Diabetes.Extraordinary Source of Iron.Great Source of Protein for Vegetarians.Valuable for Women.Treatment of Digestive Disorders.Anticipation of Colon Cancer.Valuable in Kidney or Bladder Stone.Treatment of Leucoderma.Treatment of Ringworm Infection.Facial Skin Care.Recuperating Properties.Advances Hair Growth.Battles Hair Loss.Treatment of Dandruff.Forestalls Graying of Hair.

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