Mamra 200gm

Mamra 200gm


  • MURMURA / Bhadang Rice is made out of plain rice which is a lightweight and low calorie.
  • Navsari’s famous Mamra
  • No artificial colors or preservatives added
  • Chemical Free, Free from rodents & Free from dust and moisture.
  • Used in various breakfast cereals as well as to make healthy snacks.
  • They are light, crunchy and very easy to digest.
  • It is most safe and healthy food for any person even for the patients suffering from hypertension or any other disease.
  • Ideal for preparing dishes such as masala puffed rice snack, puffed rice cake etc

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Vinayak Mamra is ready to eat thick flattened rice also known as parched rice. Our puffed rice is fresh and natural and delicious from cereal recipes to snacks. Laxmi Thick Poha is flattened rice that has been milled and parboiled.

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