Surati Khajur Barfi 250gm

Surati Khajur Barfi 250gm


  • Dry fruit barfi or khajoor barfi or date roll burfi is so easy and a healthy sweet treat.
  • It is a dates sweet or date burfi that is sweet, crunchy and delicious.
  • This dry fruit burfi is made of nuts, dates, cardamom and coconut. 
  • There is no added sugar and it comes together in minutes! Great option for a healthier mithai option to serve.





  • Halwasan is the traditional Indian sweet from Khambhat (Cambay) area of Gujarat.
  • It is made from cracked wheat, edible gum, sugar and split milk.
  • It has a fudge like texture and is gooey. It is a healthy sweet dish.
  • Traditionally , Halwasan was made by soaking wheat, sun drying it and then grounding it coarsely








































































































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Anjeer barfi is made of dried figs and nuts, an easy guilt free sweet that is sugar free

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