Small Desi Toor – 4lb

Small Desi Toor – 4lb


  • The is the whole version of toor dal, also known as Pigeon Peas or whole red gram. Pigeon peas are nutritionally important, as they contain high levels of protein and important amino acids.
  • Patel has created its own Brand for high-quality pulses with the desi taste.
  • Toor is an incredible source of proteins, carbs, and dietary fiber needed for growth and development. Adding toor dal in your diet helps to meet your demands of iron and calcium while being a good source of folic acids promotes fetal growth and averts congenital birth defects of the fetus.
  • Helps in muscle building and body development. Helps in weight loss
  • Great for your heart. Considered great for your digestive system. Great for your bones and teeth.
  • Great for your skin and hair. Protects your skin

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Small Desi Toor whole is also known as pigeon pea and is savoured for its light taste. Toor whole comes in a number of varieties. Desi Toor is imported directly from India. 

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Weight 4.000 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 2 × 27 in


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