Fried Onions

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  • Fried Onions – 400g

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    • Fried Onion 400gm (તળેલું ડુંગળી 400gm)
    • These flakes are widely used in a number of food items like soup, fast food, pizza, vegetables, dry sauces, salad dressing, etc.
    • Fried Onion ‘ not only helps to save your cooking time but also serves as a wonderful as well as hygienic option to enhance the flavor and texture of prepared dishes.
    • They are eaten as a snack and used as an additive to, or a topper for, delectable dishes like biryani, curries, steamed rice, mashed potato filling, soups, salads, sandwiches, and savory bread.
    • Free from foreign matters, it can be stored for a longer period and also has high nutritional value.
    • Onion flakes are attractive garnishes well as a nice finisher to lighter dishes.
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  • PK Fried Onions 400g

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    • Fried onions are slices of onions that are either pan fried (sautéed) or deep fried — and consumed as a popular snack food, garnish, or vegetable accompaniment to various recipes.
    • Visit the local store for more options and special in-store prices.
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