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  • Kamal Papad Khar 200gm

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    • The papad khar is an essential and vital ingredient in papad making, and contributes the crispness and expansion of fried papads.
    • Papads can be made to have longer shelf life by adding some papad khar to the mixture
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  • Phool Makhana 100gm

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    • Makhana is an excellent source of nutrients and makes a great addition to a healthy, well-rounded diet.
    • High in antioxidants.
    • Help to control Blood sugar levels.
    • support weight loss.
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  • Punjabi Wadi 200gm

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    • Wadi as we call it is also known as wadiyan, vadiyal, vadiyalu.
    • Wadi is summer essential in most of the North Indian house and prepared with different dals, spices with basic concept of grinding dal, spices and sun drying remains same over generations now.
    • Once wadiyan is done it’s a bliss for year along to make aloo badi sabzi or add vadi with any curry it makes the curry extra delicious.
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