Megh Sweets Dry Fruit Rose Petal Chikki

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  • Megh Sweets Dry Fruit Rose Petal Chikki 100gm

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    • Chikki is filled with desi ghee and jaggery goodness which will satisfy our sweet cravigs with nutrrition along with.
    • Chikkis are anytime, delicious treats. Easily one of the high energy bars, chikkis are made from simple combination of nutritious ingredients like sesame seeds, peanuts, dryfruits, rajgira (puffed cereal) and kurmura (puffed rice) bound together with either jiggery or sugar. Though available all through the year, it is a must-have during the festival of Makar Sankranti in January. They are also good gifting options when visiting relatives or friends over a meal.
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