Patel's Yellow Onion- Oignon Jaune

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  • Yellow Onion bag 2 or 3lb

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    • Yellow onion is a variety of dry onion with a strong flavour. They have a greenish-white, light yellow, or white inside; its layers of papery skin have a yellow-brown or pale golden colour. It is higher in sulphur content than the white onion, which gives it a stronger, more complex flavour.
    • Yellow onions are typically available throughout the year, grown between spring and fall, and then stored for the rest of the year. It is the most commonly grown onion in northern Europe, and it makes up 90% of onions grown in the United States. They should be stored at cool room temperature in a dark place. Longer-term storage requires them to be wrapped in paper and placed in a refrigerator. Cut or peeled onions also need to be stored in plastic in the refrigerator, but they will only last a few days.
    • Onions have lots of vitamins and minerals. They vary slightly in calories, carbs and protein. 100 grams of shallots have 72 calories, 16.8 gr of carbohydrates, 7.9 gr of sugar, and 2.5 grams of protein.
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