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  • Cube Camphor

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    • Pure camphor burns completely without sparking and leaves behind NO residue
    • WHY PRAY WITH CAMPHOR:As per our holy scriptures, pure camphor symbolises union with god as it burns completely, leaving behind no trace. Pure Camphor aarti dispels negativity, keeps one healthy and attracts prosperity.
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  • Horlicks Original 500gm

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    • Healthy Drink that has nutrients to support immunity.
    • Clinically proven to improve 5 signs of growth.
    • Clinically proven to make kids Taller, Stronger & Sharper.
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  • Indian Heritage Sugar- 2lbs

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    • Your anytime/ all purpose sugar.
    • Chemical-free, and available in innovative hygienic packing.
    • Ideal sweetener for breakfast cereals, desserts, cakes/ cookies
    • Made of superior quality sugarcane
    • Sulphur free process
    • Natural sweetness
    • Untouched by hand
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  • Large Mango Juice 2ltr

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    Created using the finest handpicked Mangoes. India’s most beloved mango drink. Mango Frooti, fresh and juicy! When you travel on trains in India during the hot summer days.

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  • Multani Mitti Whole -100 Gm

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    • Multani mitti is a mild, yet effective cleanser that removes impurities from your hair. This makes it an ideal hair pack for people with oily scalps as it helps clean your hair without drying out the natural oils. People sometimes use multani mitti as an alternative to commercial shampoo.
    • Applying multani mitti to your scalp improves blood circulation which means your follicles get better nourishment from the increased flow of blood to them.
    • The regular use of multani mitti in your hair care routine helps keep your scalp healthy by tackling issues like dandruff and eczema. It also helps soothe an aggravated scalp
    •  Owing to its efficiency as a cleanser, multani mitti helps get rid of harmful toxins from your hair and scalp. It also helps fight bad hair odor.
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